#285: Kashiko Kawakita and the 1932 Towa Shoji Film Diary

Kashiko and Nagamasa Kawakita aboard the 'Hakozaki Maru', May 29, 1932, Kobe, Japan (Kawakita Memorial Film Institute).
14.12.2023. New long read on the crucial honeymoon business trip of the prominent Kawakita ‘film couple’ to Berlin in 1932.

Kosmorama # 285

In May 1932, the trailblazing Kawakita “film couple” of film import and export in Asia went on a honeymoon business trip from Japan via Shanghai to Berlin. The success of their expedition propelled Towa Shoji to a leading position as an importer of foreign films into Japan at a time marked by exponential growth and groundbreaking advancements in sound production, dubbing, and global film distribution. However, amidst it all was the looming shadow of fascism and its accompanying antisemitism already making its presence felt.

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