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06 august 2015 / / Forskning
Call for Papers
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Call for Papers: Ecocritical approaches to Scandinavian Visual Media
Journal of Scandinavian Cinema.

During this period of environmental crisis, cultural theorists have recognized the need to interrogate the ways in which humans have constructed a relationship to the natural environment through representational practices. Ecocriticism, which had its beginnings in the 1980s, has grown from a narrow focus on “nature writing” to a broad theoretical practice that examines various media to unpack and analyze cultural constructs such as “nature,” “landscape,” “wilderness,” and “animals.” Visual media offer a particularly compelling platform for imagining and representing the natural environment, and Scandinavian visual media artists have, since the beginning of the silent cinema era, been engaged to a notable degree with the representation of Nordic nature, from rural, pastoral Denmark to the Arctic wilderness. Urban landscapes figure in the ecotheoretical field of inquiry as well, as sites plagued by pollution, traffic, and overcrowding. Environmental consciousness and progressive environmental legislation have characterized Scandinavia, with receding glacial ice and increasingly mild winters providing evidence for climate change, spurring production of dystopic narratives of the anthropocene. This special issue applies ecocritical theory and methods to the study of Scandinavian film, television, and other visual media. Possible topics include:

Locations in Scandinavian nature
The anthropocene or post-apocalyptic environmental narrative
Wilderness/survival narratives
Urban blight, urban environments
Indigenous peoples and constructs of nature
Folkloric/mythological representations of nature
Environmental documentaries
Mountain films
Nature films as genre
Nature in children’s film and television
National constructions through use of landscape
Environmental crime narratives
Nuclear energy
Against nature – the notion of transgressions against natural “law”
Imagined natural environments
Hyperobjects (Timothy Morton)
Living matter (Jane Bennett, Stacy Alaimo, and others)

Please submit an abstract of 250–300 words for Short subjects (2000 words) or Feature articles (6000 words) before March 1 to the Special Issue editors, Linda Haverty Rugg (, Christopher Oscarson (, and Salma Monani ( together with a brief bio and select references. Final submissions are due on September 15. Only submissions that follow Journal of Scandinavian Cinema’s Notes for contributors will be accepted.

For general information or questions regarding Journal of Scandinavian Cinema, please contact primary editor Anders Marklund (

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