Ny ph.d.–afhandling om dansk stumfilm

28 oktober 2015 / Kosmorama.org / Forskning

Den belgiske filmhistoriker Vito Adriaensens har forsvaret sin afhandling, der blandt andet omhandler Nordisk Film i stumfilmtiden. Afhandlingen, der udkommer som bog næste år på Edinburgh University Press, kan lånes i Det Danske Filminstituts bibliotek. Se mere her under.

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“Vito Adriaensens' dissertation takes early European cinema (1908-1914) as a starting point to demonstrate that the medium of film did not operate in a vacuum but, instead, was part and parcel of an intermedial cultural context in which art historical currents and motifs persisted from the nineteenth into the twentieth century. European filmmakers, exemplified by leading companies Nordisk and Gaumont, turned to a visual rhetoric that at once appealed to the middle-class audiences that they were courting, while also being highly recognizable. Such rhetoric can be located in the properties of popular late-nineteenth century theatrical melodrama and narrative academic painting, whose artistic modes were that of bourgeois realism, and in Pictorialist photography, which as its name suggests similarly turned to painting to attain artistic legitimacy. 

The dissertation first focuses on the contemporary film-as-art debate and the importance of the “art film” strategy, before delving into the many mutually beneficial relationships between stage and screen, and finally turning to the interesting relationship between early European cinema and painting and photography."

Læs Vito Adriaensens' artikel 'Kunst og Kino': The Art of Early Danish Drama

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