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13 marts 2015 / / Forskning
The objective of the course is to make you as a student develop a thinking practice combining theories of audio-visual forms of representation and experimental ways of working with archival material. The course thus focus on a theoretically informed hands on process. As a student you will learn how to search archival resources and process them conceptually and practically into different kinds of media.
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The teaching during the course will provide the student with conceptual and analytical tools to approach the practical tasks. You will get a overall knowledge of issues such as: 1) experimental film language and audiovisual thinking, 2) the film essay, 3) the ethnographic film, 4) photography and film, 5) working in multiplatform storytelling. Working both in groups and individually the student will work with different expressive structures and kinds of storytelling. The student will thus gain both a theoretical knowledge of the chosen themes and attain a hands-on practical knowledge of audio-visual thinking developed on the basis of archival research methods.

Tidspunkt: 20.-31. juli. Introduktion for internationale studerende er 15 juli.

Underviser: Arine Kirstein Høgel, Postdoc ved Institut for Kultur og Samfund - Antropologi

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